Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ninja Gaiden Wallpapers

There was a time in my life where playing an action game was like breathing, I couldn't live without it. But lately I’ve become quite irritated at the mere mention of any action game. My doctor told me I had Genji-itis, it stems from playing Genji 2 on the PS3. He prescribed Ninja Gaiden Sigma and now my life is back in order. I’m enjoying life, my girlfriend and, most importantly, action games like never before.
Ninja Gaiden (忍者外伝 ?) is a series of video games by Tecmo featuring the dragon ninja, Ryu Hayabusa. The series was originally known as Ninja Ryukenden (忍者龍剣伝 ,Ninja Ryūkenden?, lit. "Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword") in Japan. The word Gaiden in the North American Ninja Gaiden title means "side-story" in Japanese, even though the Ninja Gaiden series is not a spinoff of a previous series. The original arcade version and first two NES games were released as Shadow Warriors in the PAL region.
The series gained popularity on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System for its tight action-platform gameplay, catchy music and, according to G4's X-Play, was also the first console game to have the story presented in cinematic cutscenes. The 8-bit trilogy was enhanced for the 16-bit Super NES in 1995. A new game, simply titled Ninja Gaiden, was released in 2004 as a 3D action game on the Xbox, developed by Team Ninja, the makers of Dead or Alive.

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