Saturday, December 19, 2009

Minky Momo Wallpapers

Mahou no Princess Magical Princess Minky Momo is a classic animation made by Japan in the 80s. This animated series consists of two season, each of which consists of seasonnya two subseason.

The first season aired starting March 18, 1982 until May 26, 1983 and consists of 63 episodes. In the first season focused on the story of Magical Princess Minky Momo's dream comes from the kingdom of crashes from Earth to space out for more people do not believe in dreams, hopes and fairy tale creatures are actually real, named Fenarinarsa. Magical Princess Minky Momo task as well as ambassadors of the royal crown princess Fenarinarsa to descend to Earth in hopes of returning to Earth Fenarinarsa kingdom. Magical Princess Minky Momo in his mission accompanied by three loyal friend of gembul Shindobook dog, a bird Pipiru very sassy and Mocha a monkey who is very active. On Earth, Magical Princess Minky Momo becomes a child of a husband and wife board Pet Shop lonely without the presence of a child between them. The Adventures of Magical Princess Minky Momo becomes increasingly fascinating as Magical Princess Minky Momo has a magical pendant that can be used to change his form from the little girl becomes a teenage girl and a versatile magic car Gourmet named Poppo. To restore the kingdom to Earth Fenarinarsa, Momo must collect 12 stones diamond dreams, and along the way the story was collected 11 stone diamond. But the magical adventure to a halt when the magic locket shattered and unexpected Magical Princess Minky Momo should die while helping a small child on the highway and hit by a truck. Magical Princess Minky Momo's death makes the royal Fenarinarsa further away from Earth. Fortunately Magical Princess Minky Momo berreinkarnasi become children of married couples and the Pet Shop owner named Momo alone. The story has not ended because the infant Momo has a mission in a dream, a figure he must fight the demons that always cause problems for humans, with the help of a dragon named Kadzilla pink. In the last episode of season one, Momo managed to defeat the evil spirit with the help of Shindobook, Pipiru and Mocha became involved and help people Momo.

The second season was started since October 2, 1991 until December 23, 1992, with as many as 62 episodes plus 3 pieces that do not aired episodes. Despite having the same name, Magical Princess Minky Momo in season two come from a land of dreams that crashing to the sea kedasar named Marinarsa. Still the same as the first season, Magical Princess Minky Momo accompanied by his friends is a dog, bird and monkey named Cookbook, Rupipi and Chamo. Used cars are still the same as the first season. But used different pendant and experienced power-ups in the second subseason. In this season Magical Princess Minky Momo met and befriended Momo from the first season. Marinarsa Kingdom and all fairy tale creatures eventually disappeared because people still do not believe in his dream, the King and Queen Marinarsapun decided to leave the Earth. Magical Princess Minky Momo stay on Earth with his adoptive parents. Although the kingdom is now gone but Marinarsa Magical Princess Minky Momo still believe that one day will return Marinarsa appear on Earth.

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