Thursday, February 5, 2009

About Penelope : Hamtaro Character

Penelope is definitely the baby of the group; all she can say is "ookyu!" and ookwee!" and she is the youngest, so everyone always goes out of their way to protect her. Although she is friends with all the Ham-Hams, her best friend and "older sister" is Pashmina. Because of her relationship with Pashmina, Howdy and Dexter try really hard to make her happy (mainly to please Pashmina).Although she is friendly to everyone, she feels particularly attached to Pashmina. Being innocent and naive, due to her age, she gets into trouble more often than most of the other Ham-Hams. In season two, she has shown some cross-species affection for Herbert the Pig, a boy by the name of Ethan, and a rabbit at Ethan's school. Unlike the other Ham-Hams, and perhaps because of her young age, Penelope can't say anything more than 'Ookwee!' or 'Ookyoo

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