Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ryokan Kurita, Eyeshield #21 Character

The biggest player in the team. He lives with his father in a monastary and because of the huge amount of sushi when he was young, he became so big that no even a weak defender can defeat this player. A very kind person and also Sena's second friend after entering High School. Also a coward and always helps Hiruma do his dirty job, but in the game, it's a different story.
• Kurita Infos:
1. 40-yard-dash: 6.5 seconds (very slow)
2. Position: Lineman
3. Jersy: 77
4. 2nd Year Student
5. Together, he, Komusubi, and the Huh-Hah Brothers became the great Five linemen in Deimon Devil Bats Team.
6. Hiruma mention that Kurita's an ex-student of Shinryuji

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