Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oxnard : Hamtaro Character

Oxnard Info :
Oxnard is a scaredy cat (or should I say hamster?). He LOVES sunflower seeds and always loses them so Hamtaro has to help him find them. Oxnard and Hamtaro are best friends!. Oxnard also has a crush on his close childhood friend Pepper. Oxnard's Japanese name "Koushi" translates to cow which is probably referring to his spotted cow-like fur and his large appetite.
A shy guy who's always hungry, Oxnard is a bit of a scaredy-ham. He was the first hamster Hamtaro met when he moved, so, naturally, they are best friends. Oxnard is basically nice to everyone and he is one of the few Hams with a steady girlham (Pepper)

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