Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yoichi Hiruma, Eyeshield #21Character

He is the mastermind of the Deimon Devil Bats team. A cruel but hilarious genius with pointy ears and sharp teeth who looks and acts like a devil. Always carrying some kind of firearm, (including, but not limited to: flamethrowers, submachine guns,bazookas) Hiruma is the first person to recognize Sena's talent for running.
He lies, cheats, bullies and manipulates people to do his bidding. His most deadly weapon is probably his Blackmail Journal, a small black notebook filled with dark secrets about everyone that allows him to force just about anyone into doing what he demands of them. The only person who isn't too scared to confront him directly is Mamori.
Although portrayed as a cruel slave-driver, his passion for football (and winning) is unrivaled, and knows how to goad, tempt, bribe, force and inspire the team to victory. Although he always seem to be demonically energetic, he has a vulnerable side as well, which only Mamori and the team's coach is able to recognize.

Hiruma Info:-
1. 40-yard-dash record: 5.1 seconds
2. Position: Quarterback
3. Jersey : 1 (Obviously)
4. 2nd Year High School Student (That makes him a Junior in American High Schools)
5. Smart, gets good grades in school, has an impossibly messy room and is also extremely wealthy (uses his funds to build underground weapon storages. This was mention in chapter 101).
6. At first the football club house was actually a store room, but later Hiruma "forcefully convinces" the principal to turn it into a bigger clubhouse that includes a casino.

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