Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ha-Ha Brothers, Eyeshield #21

The Ha-Ha Brothers: Kazuki Jūmonji , Koji Kuroki and Shozo Togano , are fictional characters of Eyeshield 21. Though constantly re-affirming that they are not brothers, the Ha-Ha Brothers give that impression since they are constantly together. They are so called due to their schtick of saying "Ha?" in rapid succession with a crescendo (rising volume) in response to a challenge or something they disbelieve. This 'routine' starts with Togano and ends with Kuroki. (Ex. Togano: HA?! Jumonji: HAA?!! Kuroki: HAAA?!!!) The Ha-Ha Brothers consist of three delinquents; "Ha-Ha Brothers" is even written in English in the anime and manga when they are VS somebody, along with all the other characters names.read more in wikipedia

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